We stock snow plow and salt spreader parts for Fisher, Western and Meyers.

Motors, solenoids, valves, harness, ultra mount truck mounts, pumps, plow lights, cylinders, pistons, hoses, hitch pins, blade guides, coils, energizers, wiring, power cables, a frames, belts, salt spreader parts, snow plow paint, western tornado parts, tailgate salter, uni mount parts.



New Old Stock

Shaw's Garage has a lot of NEW old stock.  Some of the packages and items may not be in perfect condition, but still function fine and are new.  Please contact us for specific items and check out our ebay listings.

See below for some of the parts we have in stock.



11714 Hub Service Kit - Check Fit

20825 Hub Service Kit

32721 Locking Hub Spindle Nut Conversion Kit - Check Fit


   Manual Locking Hubs

 9072 Locking Hub Set - Check Fit 

 9790 Locking Hub Set - Check Fit

13199 Locking Hub Set for 1939-1973 Jeep

20990 Locking Hub Set - Check Fit

28751 Locking Hub Set - Check Fit

29070 Locking Hub Set - 1983-1989 Ford Bronco or Ranger

29071 Locking Hub Set - Check Fit

38826 Locking Hub Set - Check Fit