Shaw's Garage stocks most Fisher snow plows and salter/spreaders.  We provide installation and service by Certified Technicians. Call us and we will  guide you in the correct selection of a snow plow or salter/spreader for your vehicle and usage.    Below are a few of the products we sell.   

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Find the plow that fits your vehicle, eMatch lets you easily identify which FISHER® snow plows will fit your vehicle’s unique specifications.


Fisher XV2 Snow Plow

The most severe storms demand the most extreme measures. Put an XV2™ v-plow on your truck and you'll be unstoppable. Your capabilities will have no limits. You'll be hammering through the big ones while others are left stuck in their tracks.    

     Fisher Trailblazer UTV Plows












Whether you plow for aliving or just want to get more out of your utility vehicle, you can depend on the FISHER® TRAILBLAZER line of UTV plows. The professional-grade TRAILBLAZER v-plow and straight blade are designed for a wide variety of UTVs and engineered to take the abuse of commercial plowing applications.


Fisher PolyCaster Spreader

The new FISHER® POLY-CASTER™ spreader combines a rust-resistant double-wall poly hopper with a quiet, maintenance free electric drive system for the ultimate in de-icing equipment.


    Fisher Tailgate Spreader

Designed for ice cold reliability, the FISHER® Low Profile tailgate spreaders provide a clear view from the cab when backing up. Perfect for spreading #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials, these single-stage tailgate spreaders provide visibly better performance in an operator-friendly package.


RB-400 Rotary Broom

The FISHER® RB-400 walk-behind rotary broom helps get walkways cleaner by scraping and sweeping snow all the waydown to the surface. It's also perfect for areas that are tight up to buildings, curbs or edging. Whether it's just a light dusting, heavy wet snow or compacted snow that was walked on or driven on before you got to the job, the walk-behind rotary broom will take care of the situation quickly and leave you with a clean that is unmatched.