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HDPE Ground Protection Panels


Do you need to protect the ground on your job site when operating heavy equipment? 
Shaw's Garage is now selling HDPE Ground Protection panels in 3'x8' sheets with handles, to use instead of plywood.

$220 a panel.   *10 or more ~ $200 a panel*  
Sales tax is additional. Prices are subject to change without notice$220 a panel. *10 or more ~ $200 a panel* Sales tax is additional. Prices are subject to change without notice

AccessDeck high-density polyethylene (HDPE) panels are multi-function super strong and non-slip ground covering systems designed for your work and construction needs.  From pedestrians to heavy duty vehicles, HDPE solutions are multi-faceted.  They are the perfect answers to protect your ground surface for events, landscaping, arborist, and construction jobs, or to create temporary paths, roads, parking areas, etc. 

The composite ground protection matting is designed to protect and stabilize desirable surfaces from damage or degradation due to overuse, mitigating costly lawn repairs.  

AccessDeck HDPE panels withstands the environmental elements as well as extensive vehicular traffic, up to 90 tons


         Characteristics:                                                   Advantages:                 

            HDPE Material                                                    No more splintered, warped, waterlogged plywood

            Color:  White (lets light thru)                            Environmentally Friendly

            Warranty:  6 Years                                             Simply hosing down leaves the mats clean

            Weight / Unit:  62lbs                                          Extremely Durable & Resistant & Slip Resistant

            Core Thickness:  ½”                                            Leave turf smooth, even in soft conditions          

            Diamond Plated Tread                                      Build a working platform in minutes

            Dimensions:    3’x8’   with hand holes            No more continuous plywood replacement


          ************   IN STOCK and ready for pickup.  Stop in today and check them out!  ***************